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Rim Shot, my NA basketball story, will be out in the September 28th of 2017! I’m so excited to share Kyle and Micah’s story with everybody! It is a roommate to lovers, first person story with lots of heart!

It is up for preorder here:


There is an audio of Lovers, Losers and You out in September

I’m beyond excited to say The Guy series is being translated! The Guy from Glamour will be released in French in October. How awesome is that?! Thank you to my readers for wanting it! Thank you, Dreamspinner too!

Update: River and Morgan’s story should be out in Feb/March of  2017. I’m thrilled to bring you their story! I always knew River would get a story of his own. Since I’m in the editing process now, feel free to PM me any thoughts on what you’d like to see in River’s book. You never know…I might add it!

Although this was the planned end of the series, I’m considering writing Jonathan’s story (almost as a total stand alone, but it will be connected to the series loosely). I’d love to hear from readers on this. Do you want his story? He was in Close to You (and he appears in River’s story briefly too). Jonathan is talking to me. Should I listen?

Other planned works: the sequel to Daring the Wolf, a NA college tale, and a book for Dreamspun Desires.  I have a few other ones too! The hard choice is what to do first.

Thanks to everybody for the love and support for the Sunshine and Happiness series.






31 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. I hope there will be more to your THE GUY SERIES!! Loved them can’t wait for more keep up the AWESOME writing!!

    • Thanks so much! You’ve made my day! I can tell you there will be at least one more in the series. Henry’s story will be coming out with Dreamspinner (possibly by December). I’ve also considered a holiday themed final story for them around July 4th.Thanks again for the comment!

  2. Loved your books and was wondering if you had anything coming out soon. I see that you have 1 maybe 2 Mose in the “Guy” series. Anything else?

    • Thanks so much! You have made my day! I have two books coming out in December. Henry’s story, from The Guy Series, and a sweet holiday novella. I also have a book due out in March that will begin a new series.

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    • Thank you so much! This truly made my day!
      To answer your questions, K.A., yes and yes. Tomas’s and Marc’s story is next (I just submitted it to DSP). River’s story is the final one planned.

      • Thanks so much! This made me smile!

        I’m thrilled people are waiting for Tomas and Marc’s story. It is up to Dreamspinner when it will get contracted and released, but I am hoping in Feb/March. That’s only a guess on my end. I’ll let people know when I have a tentative date.

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  7. Curious as to when we will see River’s story? I have fallen for each main character in every book thus far. I need to see how River gets past and makes peace this his grief.

    • Thanks so much! I’m working on his story right now, and I hope to submit it soon. It depends on Dreamspinner and their calendar, but it usually takes roughly 6 months to get to the release date based on the editing line.

    • Hello! I plan to update here about it today. It is a novella that will be on KU and Amazon on July 25th (pre-order link coming soon too). It is a self pub and I’m pretty excited to try something new. The title is Daring the Wolf. I’ll post the cover and blurb here by the end of today ❤

    • Hello there! I submitted it. River and Morgan are done on my end, but I am in the line for edits. I doubt DSP will get to me that fast. My guess is November-January for the release. Once they tell me the date, I will update it here. Thanks for asking!

      • Sweet! I have really, really loved this series. I will be sad to see them go, but I do look forward to this final book!

      • Thanks! *blush*

        And by the way, although the series is supposed to be done with River’s book, I might write a freebie for DSP in the future. Maybe a wedding or some other update for the series.

        Your kind words made my day! ❤

    • Thank you!

      Jonathan is a character who appears in Close to You. He is Marc’s roommate in foster care, and he has a troubled past. He does appear in this new book briefly, and I am considering giving him a story of his own (maybe, lol. If readers like you want it after finishing River’s book, I might do it).

  8. I finished Secrets of You last night…..OMG, so great and tender. I loved!! the way they came together. Man, I did not want the series to end.

    on that note….I NEED to know what happens with Jonathan, and Lance. PLEASE don’t leave me hanging….need the back and future story of these guys and our original guys. Don’t make us miss Marc/Tomas wedding too…lol. But Jonathon and Lance, yes please listen to them and write the books for us.

    You rock!

    • Thanks so much! Yay!
      I do have plans to write Jonathan and Logan’s stories. It might be a little time because of a few standalones that I promised DSP first, but I do picture doing their books. As for the Marc/Tomas wedding, I’m not sure it will go into a future book or be a freebie on my newsletter. Here is the link to my newsletter if you are interested :

      I’m thrilled you liked Secrets of You! This made my whole day ❤ Thank you!

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