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The Christmas Lights Battle

My newest release is The Christmas Lights Battle: A Shelby Beach Romance. I had such a fun time with this one!

The Blurb:

For a single dad and his neighbor, the Christmas competition is on!

Julian Moss wants to give his children a happy Christmas. Since his divorce, Julian has no time for a social life; he’s been doing the tiring work of two parents while his cheating ex-husband dodges his responsibilities. If that isn’t stressful enough, he has to deal with his new—and ridiculously good-looking—neighbor and his noisy dogs. Christmas used to be Julian’s favorite holiday, but lately all he sees is the cost. Then Julian’s young son tells him about a Christmas lights competition with a much-needed prize.

Leo Adams is going to be alone for Christmas…again. All he’s ever wanted is to be accepted by his family, but he knows that will never happen. Deciding to focus on his career as a personal trainer, Leo develops a boot camp program on the beach, but he needs publicity. The lights competition offers Leo a way to get some free press, and if it annoys his snooty neighbor Julian—all the better.

The battle is on, and both Julian and Leo want to win. The stakes are high, the reward is great, and the neighbors are in it to win it. There’s nothing like a little competition to make Christmas at Shelby Beach extra merry and bright.


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Rocking the Cowboy: A Dreamspun Desire book


“See you in the morning. Bright and early?” Jed asked as they got to his door.

“I expect a wakeup call,” Remy teased just for fun. “But I promise to not be naked this time.”

There was a long pause.

“What if naked is how I want you?” Jed said gruffly.

He cupped the side of Remy’s face. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, he stepped closer. And closer.

With his mouth hovering above Remy’s, Jed finally leaned in and gave him a hard tug forward so their mouths met and Remy rocked against Jed’s chest.

Their lips touched, and Remy opened his mouth. Jed tasted good, faintly of cinnamon from his Fireball shot, making Remy’s nerves spark. He arched forward and brushed his tongue at Jed’s. With a moan, Jed slipped his arms around him. His lips were hungry on Remy’s. Warm and needy. It was a hell of a kiss, a knee-weakening kiss, impossible to resist.

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New Adult/College Roommates:

Rim Shot




This holiday story features college age characters, holiday cheer, and a fake romance.


The Sunshine and Happiness Series:

This series is set in South Florida and revolves around four roommates and their heartfelt friendship. A tragedy in book one ripples through the angst-filled series. Each book, however, can stand alone.

Series order:

Here for You

Lovers, Losers, and You

Close to You

Secrets of You


The Guy Series:

A  contemporary series set in Arizona, the men here have jobs that range from tough police officers and military men to guidance counselors and nerdy accountants.  A loving family, animals, and touching romances build a world worth visiting in the series. Each book, however, can be read alone.

Series Order:

The Guy from Glamour

The Only Guy

The Last Guy Breathing

A Guy’s Thanksgiving





A friends to lovers tale of two young musicians finding a second chance together in NYC.

Co-Author: Cate Ashwood





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