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Rim Shot Promo

Rim Shot releases 9/29/17




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I was supposed to blog about my book that is out at the end of the month, but I was running away from a hurricane.

Good excuse, right? Better than the dog ate my homework. Just when I was beginning to gather blog ideas for Rim Shot, Hurricane Irma loomed large out in the Caribbean.

Rim Shot is a NA, college roommate romance with lots of action and a scandal. I was excited to blog all about it….Only my mind is mush this week. All I can reflect on is my real life adventure.

So forgive me if this blog is not about the book.

I am proud of Rim Shot. I hope you might give it a chance and spread the word of its release soon.

But hurricanes suck my brain cells!

Though the hurricane has vanished by the time you all read this, I wanted to go through the steps of running and returning from Irma.

My husband and I have stayed through roughly 5 hurricanes together. We have never evacuated; hurricanes are part of South Florida living (I even wrote a hurricane into Close for You that mirrored our normal experience).

But Irma was different. If it had not turned, it was likely to be a Cat 5 dead center at us. My husband has been here through Hurricane Andrew. He is friends with a fella who had his roof ripped off as he waited out Andrew in his closet.

Hurricanes are not just about the categories. You need to pay attention to the millibars too. When my husband saw under 920, for the first time in our married lives, he wanted to leave.

Most of our neighbors chose to stay (and this was when the hurricane had not shifted to the west and was coming near Miami, close to us).

You might wonder why we were the only ones to leave in our neighborhood. Why would anybody stay?

What has to be explained is living in Florida, you sit through hurricanes yearly; the weather channel always makes even a tropical storm seem dire. You get…jaded. You also are prepared. In my neighborhood, we have shutters, propane, water, food—all stocked and ready. We do take preparation seriously and that is part of why leaving is not usually considered. Our houses are tough; we’re tough. 

The other reason people stay? Florida is one hell of a long state! It takes forever to get out. That’s on a normal day. Imagine on a day with millions of others leaving!

There is a fear of getting stuck on the road when you could be in your house, the drive is a true pain, and the hurricane is still days away when you need to decide. You can’t “wait and see” for too long. You have to stay or leave way in advance. Not to mention the expense of leaving: gas, food, hotels. It can be overwhelming.

The other reason many stay? Pets. I read in horror about people leaving their dogs tied to trees (I hope they are prosecuted for it), but most folks that I know actually might stay to shelter their pets.

We took our dog with us, and it was more difficult to find hotels because of her. All the pet hotels up through Alabama were booked. We considered if we would have to sleep in rest areas. But we never considered leaving our dog behind—she is family too.

Speaking of family, my husband’s mother has been in the hospital since June .She is bedridden and can’t be moved .We worried tremendously about her, but the hospitals are made to withstand Cat 5 storms. She is fine, but leaving her behind was also very difficult.

This week my children have been on a hurr-i-cation.

I’m grateful to our friends who sheltered us in St. Louis. Hot showers, air conditioning, clean clothes, water— these are gifts when you face not having them.


UPDATE: After an eleven hour drive, we arrived home again. We were gone over a week. Our power is on, our kids are playing, and our dog is settled. Life is sweet. Despite the hours of shutter takedown and mounds of dirty laundry, I feel grateful.

Our neighbors say the wind howled for 24 hours straight. Everywhere we look are uprooted trees and debris. We are still extremely lucky as we turn to aid places like Naples and Key West. My family plans to help in big and small ways, and we feel fortunate to see our house was fine.

I’m happy to be in my own bed again. Best of all, my coming release arrived safely on my doorstep. I love the cover of Rim Shot! What a treat to see it safe from the storm and waiting for my return.  

 I’m too exhausted to promo today, but here are the links FYI:

Happy Holidays and Some News

Happy holidays to all! I can’t wait to stay all day in my pajamas! What about you? How do you like to celebrate?



I’m happy this season to share some news on my various projects. Close to You has just released in audio! Hooray!



The Guy from Glamour has been translated! Look for more translations to follow!



The final big news is that River and Morgan’s book has entered the last editing stage and will be out in early March! I’ll be doing giveaways on some of the other books right here to celebrate!

The cover art is not done, but stay tuned for freebies and a reveal TBA



Heads Up!

Hey all,



I’m excited and grateful to share some news. The Guy from Glamour has been translated into French! It has a release date of October 4! Here is the link:

Here is a story about why this translation means so much to me–

My stepfather was French. We even had a giant poster of Paris in our study with his childhood street highlighted. He spoke of French culture and history to me all the time, and I was blessed to visit Paris once. I get choked-up imagining his reaction to my book being in French. He’s been gone about ten years now, but I miss him quite a lot. I’d like to believe he would be proud of me.


My other exciting news is Lovers, Losers and You will be out in audio soon! I will post the link as soon as it is available (late September).



Close to You will also have an audio. I’m not sure of the date yet.

Thank you, Dreamspinner! Listening to these talented narrators read my words = goose bumps! I only get to hear a snippet, but it makes my heart ache with joy.

That’s my happy news. Thanks for being here. Writing can get hard and lonely, but a kind word from a reader really makes it worthwhile. ❤







Daring the Wolf —- Sneak Peak/Cover

Here is the lovely cover and blurb for my novella. Really excited for it! Big thanks to Leta, Kade, Alexa, and Cate for all the help navigating Amazon. Dar Albert did the awesome cover.  I’m blessed with good friends!

If you like hot shifters with a little kink, you might enjoy Daring the Wolf.





Can a human dominate a werewolf?

Living in a strict world of paranormal dos and don’ts is exhausting for Gabe Ryan. After fleeing his home when he became a werewolf, Gabe attempts to forget his family and the young boyfriend he left behind. But he is still haunted by his memories—until a birthday wish leads him to an unexpected confrontation.

A busy emergency room doctor, Ethan Dunn has closed off his heart. He sure as hell does not trust Gabe Ryan, not after the way he abandoned Ethan. If Gabe wants a second chance, he better be ready to risk everything and break all the rules between humans and wolves.

Check the preorder link:

Release: July 25th, 2016

Kindle Store

Best Gay Romance

Whatever book you think of when you hear the words “Best Gay Romance,” I would encourage you to share it, tweet about it, pin it, and so on….In other words, promote the books you love!

What inspired me to say this?

Having just come from a few conferences, I can tell you that writers (myself especially) are often shy. Many of us look like deer caught in the headlights when the marketing person stands up and tells us what we “should” be doing.

At the same time, readers from Gay Romance to YA, are often shamed about their choices (more on this in a coming post).  It makes me angry when I see book shaming for any reason.

We should support and not judge each other.

I’m going to work on this blog and sharing more books that I love.  I want to talk craft. Craft excites me!

I want to  share some news. Maybe offer some free reads and some polls? Because I think being interactive with each other is success.


I stopped blogging here because talking to myself is not exciting. I’d rather go off and create a story and listen to the voices in my head. On the other hand, listening to all of you out there is awesome.

For example, I’d love to simply know what makes a romance book great to you? What tropes would you like to see more of in Gay Romance? What do you think of when you hear words like “best”?

Then I want to go and read what you: