I’m so excited, guys. My Dreamspun Desire book is releasing on August 21st! You can pre-order it today!


Here’s the official blurb and teaser for Rocking the Cowboy:


Opposites who go together like country and rock and roll.

Long before he was a superstar, Remy Sean had a secret crush on Jed Riley. But Jed sees Remy as a spoiled pop rocker and an extension of his father’s control. Still, Jed is willing to let Remy hide from the press on his ranch—but only as a way to get his father out of his life and business for good.

Used to being admired and fawned over, Remy keenly feels the sting of Jed’s dismissal. Can he make Jed see him as more than a pain in the ass? Or is Jed too tangled up in his ranch to see past his old hurt?

Jed doesn’t believe someone desired by so many fans could want him, a simple cowboy. But Remy is determined to change Jed’s mind and steal his heart….



“See you in the morning. Bright and early?” Jed asked as they got to his door.

“I expect a wakeup call,” Remy teased just for fun. “But I promise to not be naked this time.”

There was a long pause.

“What if naked is how I want you?” Jed said gruffly.

He cupped the side of Remy’s face. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, he stepped closer. And closer.

With his mouth hovering above Remy’s, Jed finally leaned in and gave him a hard tug forward so their mouths met and Remy rocked against Jed’s chest.

Their lips touched, and Remy opened his mouth. Jed tasted good, faintly of cinnamon from his Fireball shot, making Remy’s nerves spark. He arched forward and brushed his tongue at Jed’s. With a moan, Jed slipped his arms around him. His lips were hungry on Remy’s. Warm and needy. It was a hell of a kiss, a knee-weakening kiss, impossible to resist.


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