My Dorky and Wonderful Mother’s Day

Hey all,

So it’s 2017 and Mother’s Day. I started my day with a lot of bath soaps from the kids (either I smell and it’s a hint or they just love Bath and Body Works) and a mimosa. In an hour I must meet my MIL and stepfather for brunch. This is why the mimosa is needed.

My favorite moment? My hubby’s gift of a collage of my book covers and kids in pictures. Very cool and personal.

Unlike New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day does not require resolutions, but what the hell, I’m going for some.

1. Be a more patient mom  2.  Be a fun mom (as I tend to be already) , but follow through on punishments more  *nods*  3. Be a better friend to my single mom pals and new mom pals — they need babysitters!  4. Let the small stuff go and it’s all small stuff


So happy Mother’s Day! I’m off to smile and eat eggs. Later I plan to edit sex scenes.