Flash Fiction and Romance


A good friend asked me to write flash fiction for a GBLT science fiction anthology. Despite never writing much science fiction and never writing flash fiction, I agreed because he’s a sweetheart. Besides I like a challenge, right?

Wrong. This was so much more intense than I thought. The story has to be under 300 words, which I can write in an introduction ( 300 words!  This freaking blog post is longer!)

Yet… I am so grateful to him. Flash fiction is a wonderful writing exercise. It forces me to take the clutter out of my prose and make every word count. It makes my prose lean and mean.

Hooray for slicing off the fat! Trim is the way to sexy prose!


Whether or not this little story ends up in his anthology, I’m uncertain about at this point. I’m excited that it gave me a way to focus my editing.

If you take any romance novel and order yourself to cut it in half—imagine how sharp and necessary the words that stay will be?! It also gave me a new idea for a novel.

The point is that writing something out of your comfort zone can be rewarding.

Tell me about a writing exercise that worked for you? 

As for me, I’m off to go and chop 50 more words out of my story.



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