FREE Book, Some SWAG, and a SALE


Hello there,

To celebrate my new release this Monday, March 28th, I will be having some freebies and sales. I will be positing specific links here on Monday, but for now the information is below.


First the freebie. Dreamspinner is launching an Instagram freebie of Here for You



#Monday, March 28


Isn’t that what Instagram is about? Hashtags? I plan to open an account today and try and join in on the fun.


On Monday at the Dreamspinner website; Lovers, Losers, and You will be only .99 cents!




Like swag? I’m making special bookmarks and pens for Close to You. It should be ready about April 1st. To get some free Close to You swag, just shoot me out a PM with a screen shot of your purchase of Close to You and your mailing address. As a big thank you, I will send you some free swag!  This offer is only for those who bought the novel by April 1st. But I might offer more free swag of other novels soon.

I’m also planning some coming audiobook freebies too!

I’ll post all the links here on Monday! Happy reading!



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