Best Gay Romance

Whatever book you think of when you hear the words “Best Gay Romance,” I would encourage you to share it, tweet about it, pin it, and so on….In other words, promote the books you love!

What inspired me to say this?

Having just come from a few conferences, I can tell you that writers (myself especially) are often shy. Many of us look like deer caught in the headlights when the marketing person stands up and tells us what we “should” be doing.

At the same time, readers from Gay Romance to YA, are often shamed about their choices (more on this in a coming post).  It makes me angry when I see book shaming for any reason.

We should support and not judge each other.

I’m going to work on this blog and sharing more books that I love.  I want to talk craft. Craft excites me!

I want to  share some news. Maybe offer some free reads and some polls? Because I think being interactive with each other is success.


I stopped blogging here because talking to myself is not exciting. I’d rather go off and create a story and listen to the voices in my head. On the other hand, listening to all of you out there is awesome.

For example, I’d love to simply know what makes a romance book great to you? What tropes would you like to see more of in Gay Romance? What do you think of when you hear words like “best”?

Then I want to go and read what you:



2 thoughts on “Best Gay Romance

  1. Wow, I think you’re probably going to get a wide variety of answers on your questions. I’m going to include examples to emphasize my points. 🙂

    For me personally, I usually like stories that are humorous and have low levels of angst (ie JL Merrow’s Muscling Through and TJ Klune’s Tell Me It’s Real). However, that doesn’t always hold true, and I’m quite willing to read stories that are outside those boundaries if it’s well-written and entertaining. For example, historicals are not usually my thing, but I adore KJ Charles’ A Charm of Magpies series. A good story for me will keep me entertained and want to stay up past an acceptable bedtime. 🙂 The tropes I love are age gap, arranged relationship/marriage, and (not sure if this is considered a trope) opposites attract. For me, the “best” stories are those I want to read over and over again (ie Mary Calmes’ Change of Heart and A Matter of Time series). The greatest are those that I want to re-start as soon as I finish. The last book that hit this mark was TJ Klune’s The Lightning-Struck Heart.

    PS I’m currently reading Here for You, which falls outside my usual story type. And I’ll admit I almost stopped around 1/4 of the way in as I hadn’t read the blurb and realized what the story would hold. But I’ve pushed through, and I am close to done. So take all I say above with a grain of salt.

    • I hope to get a wide variety! Thanks so much for the thoughtful answer. I agree the best stories are keepers that demand reading several times. You named some fabulous ones! It is pretty interesting that you mention your comfort zone, but you also mention a willingness to go beyond it. That’s rather awesome. If other readers did this, many new authors might have a chance to be found.

      Yes, Here for You is not low angst, lol. (Although book two, Lovers, Losers, and You is pretty low on the angst scale). Thanks for pushing through with it. Hope you enjoy it, and there is a HEA!

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