Audiobook and Thanksgiving Treat


Hello all,

I am giving away 1 audiobook (The Guy From Glamour ) to the first reader to comment here on my blog. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


*The Last Guy Breathing (third in the Guy series) is available right now on Amazon too! Holiday Hoax is on the DSP page. Here are some links:





6 thoughts on “Audiobook and Thanksgiving Treat

    • The audiobook? Or one of the new ones? Please let me know, and I will do my best to help you out. The Last Guy is available to buy, but yeah you can’t read it until the 8th. But my understanding is it will go automatically to your Kindle on December 8th. I’m not sure which you were looking at? The audiobook should be no problem to get now. I’m so sorry for any issues.
      Happy holidays to you too! Let me know if I can help in any way

      • I was talking about the new book. Really had me pumped for a second because I thought it was already your to buy.

      • Gotcha! Sorry for the confusion. I should have said Amazon’s pre-release. Can I make it up to you? Let me give you either The Holiday Hoax or The Last Guy Breathing as a gift, okay? It still won’t be released until December, but I’d like to have DSP send you a copy of one of the books. Let me know which one and where to send it.

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