Celebrating My Cover Art


Hello out there,

I’m celebrating my beautiful cover art for The Holiday Hoax. Paul Richmond did a great job capturing the sweetness of the book, didn’t he? The novella is new adult and first person—both things I have never done before—and it celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah.  If you are looking for a tender coming of age holiday tale, I hope you’ll give this one a try!

I’m feeling grateful for having two books on the coming soon page. This one and The Last Guy Breathing. I plan to have a lot of giveaways for my readers over the next weeks (both here and on other blog sites).

A reader will win a copy of The Holiday Hoax today. All you have to do is comment on this blog about a holiday tradition in your family, and I will select a random winner by midnight. Good luck!




14 thoughts on “Celebrating My Cover Art

  1. Wel my dad is a pastor so he works Xmas Eve, & our tradition is I go with him to the 11 o’clock service which ends midnight Xmas morning & we go to 7-11 and get a Slurpee (we live in Florida).

  2. I don’t have too many holiday traditions, but Christmas tree decorations always have to include ornaments from the past, even some of those cheesy ones you wouldn’t buy today but are part of Christmases past.

    I love the cover, by the way. Paul can really do up a gorgeous one! Those snowflake designs around the edge are so pretty. Living in Arizona where I never see snow, those white Christmas images are both absolutely normal and completely foreign to me. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, Carolyn! Paul always does a great job, and I was so happy with those snowflakes. They are lovely. Since I too live in a warm climate, I won’t see any real life snow. The cover puts me in a holiday mood.

  3. Love this cover! Paul creates amazing covers, and this one truly does suggest a sweet story.

    My only child is an adult now, but while she was growing up we had modest holidays due to modest budgets (which is the understatement of the year! :)). Now, my favorite tradition is to take the biggest chunk of my holiday budget and put it toward a happier holiday season for someone else having a lean year. In past years I’ve shopped for Toys for Tots, given to local homeless shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens. Last year I had more time than money so I donated a bunch of warm knitted hats, scarves and mitts to the local LGBTQ youth center. This year they’ll get the cash I would’ve spent on a traditional holiday dinner, and Kiddo and I will probably watch movies in our jammies and eat pumpkin pie. 🙂

    • There is nothing wrong with jammies and pumpkin pie! Thanks for the comment. I think it is great you help others in the holiday season. That is what the holiday spirit is all about, right?

  4. Hi!
    There are several traditions surrounding Christmas time in my home:
    -The most important is to have my apartment sparkling clean. It is believed that if the house is clean inside on Christmas, it will remain clean throughout the whole next year. 🙂
    -hay is put under a white tablecloth in memory of Jesus in the manger.
    -after all traditional foods are ready and brought to the table but before sitting down, everyone awaits the moment when the first star, known as the Gwiazdka, appears in the eastern sky, kids love it 🙂
    -next, everybody breaks the traditional Oplatek (The Oplatek is a thin, unleavened wafer) and exchanges good wishes for health, wealth and happiness in the New Year.
    – in my home my mum puts additional plate on the table (is a way to reunite with those who we cannot be with during Christmas supper)
    -to assure good luck and to keep evil outside, my mum hung a branch of mistletoe above the front door 🙂
    -during the Christmas eve we prepare twelve vegetarian dishes because meat is not allowed.
    – and of course the greatest symbol of Christmas is the Christmas tree 🙂 in Poland usually decorated before Christmas Eve.
    I love the cover , can’t wait to read it 😀

  5. Every Christmas we prepare dinner on Xmas eve, open at least one of our presents at midnight and and have Buck’s Fizz with our breakfast.

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