bad boy

For those who aren’t familiar with the Bad Boy series, tell us about it.

It’s the story of a really hot teacher who becomes desperate for money when his hours are cut and the only choice he has is to moonlight as an erotic masseuse for men. The problem is, he has to keep is profession a secret from the school and it’s right when he meets the guy of his dreams, who happens to be not only one of his student’s dads but also a cop.

How do you decide how to begin your novels?

In the case of Bad Boy, it begins with an erotic massage. Well, a lot of times, I’ll hear the opening line when I’m on one of my long walks. I live in Costa Rica most of the year and I try to make walk first thing in the morning after I walk the dogs. I put them back in the house then I take a walk by myself. I talk to myself under my breath, giving myself pep talks or planning my day or talking through the story line until something clicks. But usually the opening line will come when I shut up and stop talking and just listen. It usually comes unexpectedly and suddenly.

How do you keep people turning the pages?

That is not always easy. I try to follow my gut and ask myself, “Am I entertained or am I bored?” I think what would keep me interested or shock me or make me want to turn the pages. If there’s no conflict in the scene, some type of conflict, then it’s probably something that needs to be reworked.


Did you outline Bad Boy before you started or are you a pantser?

I’m trying to remember because I’ve written so many series. I think with Bad Boy, I did a very loose and light outline, just a sentence or two and then went with it. I knew the characters I wanted to have in it since many of them are based on real people and I just don’t question my subconscious mind when I write. I just watch the movie in my head and I let it come out the way it comes out, typos and all.

Did you know the book was going to be a series from the beginning? What made you make that decision?

Not really. At first, I thought it’d be just one big fat book but then as I wrote, I knew if I didn’t make it more than one book, that it would never end, ever. Besides, I think my readers know that my books are quick readers and that often, there will be a cliffhanger at the end. Some people don’t like cliffhangers and others don’t mind as long as they know the next book in the series is coming out very shortly.


Where can we get a copy of Bad Boy?

You can get it exclusively on Amazon or email me at JamieLakeNovels AT gmail.