Giveaways for The Only Guy and The Guy From Glamour– Celebration Time!

Hello out there,

I just wanted to mention a few giveaways this week that I’m having to celebrate my new release The Only Guy!  I am having contests all week on various review sites: Joyfully Jay, The Novel Approach, Rainbow Gold Review, Blogger Girls, Sinfully Sexy, Love Bytes, and Prism (to name a few).  Join the party, leave a comment, and have a shot at winning!  Forgive me if I might have forgotten some! The last 24 hours = crazy!

I’m also celebrating Memorial Day with a giveaway at Mrs. C and Friends to honor the holiday. As some of you might know, The Guy from Glamour revolves around a soldier. Tweet for this one!

I’m feeling very grateful for this release. Thank you to all the reviewers who have supported me, and the readers who have enjoyed my work. I appreciate it!




If anybody wants to stay up with me and celebrate my new release, I’ll be  on Facebook tonight watching the clock get to midnight.


I’m excited, too, that Dreamspinner just contracted the third book in the series!  Thank you to anybody reading and enjoying this series.  Thank you Dreamspinner and Elizabeth North!

*happy twirl*


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