Vona Logan shares her beautiful cover and explains her love of tattoos

I want to thank Skylar for allowing me this time on her blog today. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Vona Logan and I have an up and coming release with Dreamspinner Press next week, the 15th of May.

Tats of Honor-build

The name of my book is Tats of Honor and just like the title says it involves some sexy tattoos. I’m a fan. So where did my idea for this story come from? Well, it’s mostly because of the beautiful country I live in, New Zealand, where thousands of tourists come every year to have an amazing overseas experience (an OE as we call it.)

Many of these tourists are under the age of thirty and usually unattached and they bring just a backpack and a few necessities. They usually stay in budget accommodation, backpackers, as it is known here and they use their spending money on enjoying everything New Zealand has to offer.

Then one day a plot bunny took hold in my head – what if one of the British young guys came here and fell in love? With a Kiwi. And there the story started unfurling in my head. One a broken-hearted man, the other a cocky, strong Brit. A match made in heaven.

Once Kegan and Dominic’s story was written I knew one book wouldn’t do it, and the series, Inked, was born. In Tats of Honor I introduce Carl, the hunky tattoo artist and close friend of Kegan. I simply knew Carl had a story to tell, so stay tuned for the next instalment.

Thanks, Vona! That is a beautiful cover!

You can buy Vona’s book here:

One thought on “Vona Logan shares her beautiful cover and explains her love of tattoos

  1. It sounds an intriguing read, Vona. Anything that incorporates the stunning beauty of New Zealand has me interested; throw in an angsty m/m relationship and you’ve definitely got my attention!

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