A Visit From Chris T. Kat

Skylar, thank you very much for having me on your blog! I’m excited to share my new release Too Good To Be True?, which is a sequel to Seizing It, with you and your readers. It released on February 27th.

Too Good To Be True? is an m/m contemporary romance story. The main characters are Kit (Nikita) Hall and Dale Miller. They’ve met and fallen in love three months ago. Kit works as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic and in addition is a freelancer (translations). Dale Miller is a veterinarian and Kit’s new boss.

Kit is also epileptic, which he tried to hide from Dale in the events of Seizing It. In Too Good To Be True? Dale is well aware of Kit’s epilepsy and fears for his lovers health because he recognizes Kit’s increasing stress level. At first he doesn’t know why Kit’s health is taking a turn for the worse but he does his best to support Kit—even when Kit tries to block him.

But that’s not all Kit has to deal with. Before he met Dale he had been together with a man called Hutch who abused him. That relationship ended in an assault and Hutch now resides in a psychiatric clinic. Still, the relationship has left scars on Kit’s soul. He’s scared to trust anyone, to open up and be vulnerable again. He constantly bounces between shy and aggressive because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions and Dale’s good-natured personality. He just knows he’s drawn to Dale in a way he’s never felt before.

Kit and Dale simply “clicked” but their love is put to the test when Kit’s epilepsy spirals out of control and Kit’s flashbacks take a toll on him. So far, Kit has resisted any kind of help to cope with his trauma. For a long time he suppressed the hurtful memories and declined to come to terms with the abuse from Hutch. In Too Good To Be True? everything seems to fall apart for Kit, especially when Dale grows frustrated with Kit. Has life been too good to be true? Find out in the sequel to Seizing It!


Sequel to Seizing It

Buy link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3604


Three months after Kit falls in love with Dale, his epilepsy takes a turn for the worse and his nightmares and flashbacks about his abusive ex intensify. His work at the veterinary clinic and as a freelance translator only adds to the stress. As Kit’s life flies out of his control, his last tether of sanity frays as Dale grows frustrated with Kit’s stubborn independence.

Dale wants to be Kit’s rock—to step in to help—but the walls Kit builds may be too hard to break through.

Excerpt from Chapter Four:

My head snapped back to look at him. His face was grim, his eyes blazing. I couldn’t keep up the eye contact.

Apologizing wouldn’t do it anymore, I realized. Shivers surged through me, and I wrapped my arms around my torso, not for the first time wishing I would think before speaking.

“Oh for crying out loud! Kit!”

Strong arms engulfed me, lifted me off my feet for a moment, and I clung to him like I had never clung to anyone before. “Don’t leave. Don’t leave. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, please, Dale, I swear, I didn’t!”

“You accused me of causing you to have a seizure if I want to talk to you, Kit.”

I heard Jackson yipping before a wet tongue licked over one of my hands that fisted Dale’s shirt. My hand shook when I pried it away from Dale’s shirt and instead patted my dog’s head. In a trembling voice, I said, “Yeah, you got one stupid owner.”


“But I am. I never want to act like I do, and yet I still do. Isn’t there some kind of training I can try?”

“You’re always snapping when you feel threatened. It’s what you do. I wish you’d finally trust me enough to know that I’ll stick around and will never hurt you. Never. No matter how much you try to rile me up, I’ll never beat you. I’m not Hutch. You can stop testing me,” Dale said.

For a moment I froze. Was that what I was doing? Challenging him? Trying to see if he really wouldn’t lift his hand against me? “You think that’s what I’m doing?”

“Yes, I do. I understand why you’re doing it, but it gets exhausting after a while. If I was like Hutch, don’t you think I would’ve beaten you up by now?”

“I suppose so.”

“Oh, and there’s another detail. You act extremely bratty before and shortly after a big seizure. You haven’t acted this way since we first met, probably because you took your medication on time and stuck to a well-thought-out daily schedule.”

“I….” I trailed off, frowning. “We’re having exactly the talk you wanted us to have. How did you do that?”

“I’m a tricky bastard.”

“I love you,” I blurted. Suddenly it was of utmost importance to tell him that, not to placate him or anything, but to voice my feelings for him aloud.

“Love you too, kitten.”

“Even if I’m a pest?”

“You’re a good-looking pest.”

Chris T. Kat

Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, where she shares a house with her husband of many years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there’s any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks or does cross stitch.


Blog: http://christikat.blogspot.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/christi_kat


DSP author page: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/index.php?cPath=605

Thanks for being here, Chris!


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