Trope Tuesday

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Hey all,

Welcome to Trope Tuesday!  This is the day where I’m going to babble on about some of my favorite and least favorite literary tropes.

Today, I was thinking about a personal favorite trope of mine: the big secret. I love romances where the protagonist has a huge secret. It’s so much fun as a reader to worry and wonder how and when the secret will be revealed. In heterosexual romances, the big secret is often a pregnancy or love child. I like these, but only if they are handled right. I don’t like it where the man finds out a child was kept from him for years and just forgives the woman immediately. On the other hand, I do enjoy watching an honest struggle over the revelation take place, and I’m a sucker for some earnest groveling and forgiveness.

Actually, the big secret trope is one of the main ideas that motivated me to write my upcoming novel, Exposed. The novel centers on a secret that Rafe is keeping from Daniel.

What do you think of the trope—The Big Secret?  Tell me!


2 thoughts on “Trope Tuesday

  1. I definitely love that trope, especially if it is done well and the reason for the secret is realistic. Sometimes when reading a book or watching a show that is focusing on The Big Secret, I find myself not finding the reason for keeping the secret all the believable. In the case of Exposed, which I’ve had the joy of reading, that’s not a problem. The reason for the secret is built in and it adds a great deal of tension to the story. 🙂 Hooray for Exposed! Can’t wait for others to read it, too!

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